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2024 Q1 - Directors Meeting

Quick recap

The meeting involved discussions on various topics including the executive's plans to revamp the member portal and address staffing issues, proposals for implementing a digital marketing protocol for clinics, and the development of educational resources. The team also addressed the challenges faced by different clinics, such as managing growth, potential relocation, and staffing needs. They also discussed the importance of maternity-friendly policies and the need for additional staff to support their initiatives. The executive expressed a willingness to support the team with their specific issues.


Executive's Plans and Needs Assessment

The meeting started with Taleni and Jennifer joining late, with Juli and the executive introducing themselves and discussing their roles. The executive then asked the group about their greatest needs and how they could be supported. Juli proposed that Jennifer start with a prayer, which she did, asking for guidance and protection for the directors and for wisdom in understanding the mothers' needs. The executive shared her plans to revamp the member portal and address staffing issues at the clinics, centers, and maternity homes they support. She mentioned a meeting with a friend who runs a staffing agency to discuss potential solutions for staff shortages.


Digital Marketing, Portal, Forum, Educational Resources, Security Guides

The executive team explored the idea of implementing a digital marketing protocol for their clinics, with the possibility of each clinic having its own tailored protocol. The ongoing development of their member portal was also discussed, with Juli showcasing a new design and announcing a revamp of the login system. A new interactive forum for sharing information and a job forum were introduced. The team also discussed their educational resources, including flashcards for early development education and the IT in a Box program for improving internet security. Jennifer emphasized the importance of their security guides developed by the Religious Freedom Institute and mentioned their insurance and legal partners, Patriot Insurance and Life Legal, who offer specific services to pregnancy clinics and centers.


Clinic Growth and Future Plans

The executive expressed a willingness to support those in attendance with their specific issues. Debi from Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic shared that their main challenge was managing growth and strategizing for the future, including the potential need for additional staff and possibly a second location. Adrienne from the Pregnancy Help Center in Torrens discussed their plans to possibly move the clinic and the subsequent staffing and equipment needs that would arise. Both clinics utilize word-of-mouth and church networks to recruit staff.


Collaboration, Challenges, and Training in Pregnancy Clinics

Barbara from Horizon Pregnancy Clinic discussed their collaborations and challenges, particularly managing large groups from a church who may not fully understand their resources and support for pregnant women. Despite these challenges, they have a strong base of volunteers. The team also considered the potential benefits of online training modules for their clinics, but Barbara voiced concerns about their effectiveness. Emily, a newcomer from the Michigan clinic, suggested online training could be a separate tool for covering legal and structural needs, rather than a replacement for in-person assessments. The team also discussed a specific training module about legal issues. Barbara emphasized the importance of bringing in new people to unify the team. The executive and Debi agreed with Barbara's points.


Pregnancy Center and Clinic Updates

Emily, the new executive director at a pregnancy center in Fontana, California, shared about the center's needs, including finding a new nurse manager and client services manager, and onboarding volunteers. She also mentioned that the office manager recently had to step out due to medical emergencies. Jordyn, the interim executive director at Corona Life Services, shared about their organizational name change to Zoe Medical Clinic and the challenges they faced, including losing some monthly donors and supporters due to previous management of communication. She also highlighted the need to adjust pay scales as they were paying lower than the pro-life pay scale.


Maternity Home Honoring and Mother-Friendly Policies

Jordyn and the Executive discussed the idea of honoring maternity homes and agreed to post it on their portal with permission. Emily raised a concern about the lack of mother-friendly policies, particularly for younger mothers dealing with pregnancies and maternal leave. She suggested improvements such as breastfeeding facilities, flexible schedules, and the option to work from home for new mothers. The team agreed to look into existing policies and consider implementing new ones to support working mothers. Barbara pointed out the importance of hiring younger generations and adjusting to their work-life expectations.


Real Estate Challenges and Solutions

Mari from Cali Choice Clinics discussed her organization's current challenges, particularly in finding a new location. She shared her frustrations with a less-than-helpful realtor and expressed a desire to connect with a pro-life realtor or leasing agent. In response, the executive suggested using the Loop Net app or website to independently search for properties and offered to reach out to a well-connected residential broker for potential referrals.


Merger, Relocation, and Stress Relief: Team Meeting Summary

She also mentioned the complications of a merger and the need to relocate due to the current location's limitations. The Executive expressed empathy and commitment to assist the team with these issues. The team also discussed the need for additional staff to support their various projects and initiatives. A suggestion was made for the Executive to set up a corporate account for massages to help alleviate stress. The team appreciated the Executive's willingness to help and support.


Next steps

The executive will explore solutions for temporary staffing needs with a friend who runs a staffing agency.

Post job openings on relevant job sites and the portal.

Juli will look into contact information for maternity homes and share it with the team.

The executive will research and consider implementing mother-friendly policies.

Mari will consider using Loop Net to find a new location for her clinic.

The executive will reach out to her residential broker to find a leasing agent for Mari.

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