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2024 Q1 - Maternity Homes Meeting

Quick recap

The team discussed the challenges of operating a maternity home and considered potential solutions. They explored the idea of involving college students or recent graduates through programs like Volunteers of America or the University of Notre Dame's summer service learning program. The executive agreed to further explore these options and report back to Rebecca. They also discussed the potential benefits of incorporating a faith component into their organization and the possibility of HR boot camps.


Maternity Homes and Foster Care Discussion

Juli and the executive discussed the low usage of the new portal and RSVP system for events, with only two directors RSVPing. The executive mentioned a typo in the initial invitation and suggested dropping the term "hybrid" for future events. Rebecca, who runs a maternity home, joined the meeting and shared her focus on providing basic skills and services to the mothers. She also mentioned that most mothers choose to parent, but the home is faith-based and does not require any specific faith to participate. The executive, Jennifer Nolan, is the executive director of the Right to Life League. Rebecca and an executive discussed the foster care and adoption journey of their foster daughter, Sophia, who is close to being adopted. They also touched on the challenges faced by young mothers in finding housing in San Diego. Rebecca shared about their program manager's background in homeless services and housing, and how she assists young mothers in identifying their next steps. The executive mentioned meeting with the Right to Life League and expressed interest in reconnecting with maternity homes. Rebecca outlined a program where mothers who require more help beyond the one-year mark can apply to stay at an extended care home.


Homeless Shelters and Housing Programs in San Diego

Rebecca shared her experiences with homeless shelters and housing programs in San Diego, emphasizing the transition of residents to self-sufficiency. She highlighted her previous involvement with Heartbeat International and the Maternity Housing Coalition, but due to time constraints, she had to step down from her role on the Leadership Council. Currently, she is seeking HR and staffing help for these homes. The Executive expressed interest in understanding her struggles and explored potential ways to assist, such as reaching out to Bambi for support and knowledge in HR and hiring. They also discussed advertising in church bulletins as a potential recruitment strategy. The Executive has a scheduled meeting to further explore these options.


Staffing and Capacity Challenges in Housing for Pregnant Women

Rebecca and the executive discussed the challenges of staffing and capacity in Rebecca's organization, which provides housing for pregnant women. They considered the idea of bringing in college students or recent graduates through programs like Volunteers of America or the University of Notre Dame's summer service learning program. The executive agreed to explore these options further and report back to Rebecca. They also touched upon the potential benefits of having a faith component in their organization.


Connecting Rebecca With HR Boot Camps

The executive agreed to connect Rebecca with a pro-life entity that may conduct HR boot camps. They also discussed potential future boot camps and Rebecca's interest in neuroscience. Juli offered to guide Rebecca through the member portal, addressing some technical audio issues along the way. The possibility of the access point and login details changing was also mentioned.


Quarterly Meetings, Clinics, Ultrasound Equipment, San Diego Visits, Security Toolkit

Juli and Rebecca discussed the upcoming quarterly meetings and encouraged people to RSVP for the clinics using the provided links. They talked about the availability of ultrasound equipment that can be loaned as needed. Juli mentioned her frequent trips to San Diego and offered to visit the team, suggesting a walkthrough for the IT team to see if there were any areas they could assist with. They also discussed the use of flash cards that feature pictures of a baby in utero and its developmental capabilities. An executive from the Religious Freedom Institute mentioned the development of a security toolkit in response to churches and pregnancy centers being attacked, emphasizing the need for physical and cybersecurity protection.


Pregnancy Center Insurance and Legal Assistance

The executive mentioned Patreon Insurance Company, which was formed to provide insurance to pregnancy centers that were struggling to get it. The executive suggested that Rebecca should consider checking their rates. The executive also mentioned a partnership with the Life Legal Defense Fund, which provides legal assistance to pregnancy centers. Lastly, Juli mentioned that there will be updates in the coming months to improve the searchability and navigability of their information.


Forum Features and Quarterly Meeting Schedule

Juli demonstrated a forum she's been working on, which includes features like job postings and general HR discussions. She also showcased a member portal and directory, allowing members to connect with others and find resources. The team agreed to roll out these features in the upcoming quarter. They scheduled their next quarterly meeting for June 3rd, 4th, and 5th. However, due to travel constraints, they decided to remove the in-person component from the meeting invites.


HR Company Relationship and Affiliate Licensing

The team discussed the possibility of establishing a relationship with an HR company, potentially Bambi, and the potential for affiliate licensing. There was some confusion about who organized an HR boot camp, but it was clarified that Teresa was responsible. The team also discussed the Heartbeat affiliates and the potential for a group rate or reduced rate for their services. Lastly, they considered adding Susan's company, Pro Life Legal, to their resources portal, but decided to first seek her permission.



Next steps

Executive will explore and reach out to potential solutions for staffing and HR needs, including Volunteers of America and Focus.

Executive will connect Rebecca with Susan Swift and Teresa from Pro-Life Legal.

Juli will look into Bambi HR and consider adding them to the portal's resources.

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